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Management Team

Satish WIMS

Satish Kumar




Mr. Satish is Director of WIMS Technology which he and Mr. Amar statred as their dream work in 2015. He was since been at the forefront of social business leading our team while founding programs that empower the next generation of startups and entrepreneurs.

Processing the ability to derive unique insights into any marketing challenge. Mr. Satish assists our clients in maximizing the value of their online presence.

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Amar Kumar


Co-Founder, CEO


Mr. Amar is a business entrepreneur. He has the overall responsibility for business development strategy to improve client development for increment client's revenue. He also provides leadership and direction for software as well as management teams across the company. He is the lead Developer of all of the products in WIMS Technology.

During the company's early days, Mr. Amar acted as a main leader and development role in government and non-government organization across the country. He acted as a support repersentative for the entire WIMS plateform, allowing for it to be a stable business from the outset. In addition to his main responsibilities in running the company and setting overall project strategy; he remains actively involved in the engineering, design and product teams within the organization.

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